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Welcome to Ink Two BBS
     Welcome to the official website of Ink Two BBS, running Mystic Bulletin Board Software v1.12 a43.  It is , and "today" is a great day to be online and enjoying the wholesome goodness of a bbs.  Ink Two BBS is located in the heart of Covina, California.

Ink Two BBS is running out of Covina, California.

About Ink Two BBS

The original Ink BBS ran from a mudhut (As RadMan would put it.) in Kapolei, Hawaii.
     Ink BBS originated in the late 90's back when the first telnet boards began springing up. I ran it out of Kapolei, Hawaii on a Pentium full tower system. It was the days of early internet and dial-up became a thing of the past. Modems were shoved into packing boxes, sold on Ebay, or tucked away in the closet. The high speed era was on a rise and made it much more favorable for ANSI artists to continue creating long scrolling art pieces.

     Ink 2 BBS was launched in July of 2013 during the month that my son was born. Ink Two BBS now runs on a Intel Core Duo system out of Covina, California. I decided to go with Mystic BBS Software as it was the most robust and widely used bulletin board software during that time and has continually evolved and revolutionized the BBS landscape. You will find custom Mystic BBS based mods on Ink 2 BBS developed with Mystic Programming Language (MPL) and or Python.

     What does this board have to offer? This BBS covers the underground art scene, real world art, tattoo artistry, and the art of CODE. CODE being a programming language. If you develop software, web/desktop applications, bbs mods or software then we're here to discuss it. Ink Two BBS has 100s of door games available online along with a wide variety of message networks to join in on and collaborate with others around the world.
How do I get connected?
     This system is customized with ANSI/ASCII artwork and to fully enjoy your online experience we suggest a few options. The three best telnet applications are Netrunner, SyncTerm, QOdem, and EtherTerm. EtherTerm is currently only available on Windows. The other three options have versions available on multiple OS platforms.

Netrunner v2.0 beta 18: (Windows 32bit, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit)

SyncTerm: (Windows 32, Mac OSX /x86,64bit, Linux 64bit)

Qodem v1.0.0: (Windows, Mac, Linux)

EtherTerm v0.4.6: (Windows x86,64bit)

     You can also connect via the web by using our webterm page. This requires NO DOWNLOAD. However, you should write down your login and password. That is the advantage of using the suggested telnet applications as they have the option of storing your logins and password and to use keyboard shortcuts to log you in.

  Connect via the Web  
Special Thanks!
     Bulletin Board Systems take time to build and customize. Lots of love, sweat, and tears go into modifying the default setup. I had help from several sysops and software developers in the BBS community. I would like to thank several sysops who helped me troubleshoot bbs, mail, and bbs mod issues such as Hawk Hubbard, Christopher Malo, Darrell Perry, Andrew Haworth, Bryan Ashby, Carlos Roldan, Tony Pascale, James Coyle, Mike Ehlert, Andreas Apostolou, Christian Wirth,Todd Yatzook, and Paul Hayton. If I missed anyone, know that I'm deeply thankful for all of your help.
Interested in setting up your own Mystic BBS System
     If you're ever thinking about setting up your own Mystic BBS system then download the latest version from their official website. Once you've downloaded and installed Mystic for your OS, you can either READ THE DOCS and build it up step by step or lookup Paul Hayton's help videos on YouTube.Com. Do not rush to Facebook to ask adhoc questions first. Go directly to Paul Hayton's (Mystic Guy) channel at:

Mystic Guy Youtube Channel

Paul Hayton also maintains the wiki for Mystic BBS at:

Mystic BBS Wiki

     Once you've checked out all of the videos and your system is up and running, facebook has several awesome bbs groups that you'd want to join. These available groups have active sysops that are ready to assist you with any issues that you may run across while setting up your board. You'll find support in setting up message networks, troubleshooting door game issues, how to create your own startup scripts for any OS(Windows, Linux, etc...), configuring fossil drivers, and help for any other issues that you may experience. Check out: