What are BBS DOORS? A door in a bulletin board system (BBS) is an interface between the BBS software and an external application. The term is also used to refer to the external application, a computer program outside of the main bulletin board program. Sometimes called external programs, doors are the most common way to add games, utlities, and other extensions to BBSes. Because BBSes typically depended on the telephone system, BBSes and door programs tended to be local in nature, unlike modern Internet games and applications. However, there are inter-bbs type games that allows users of a door application to collaborate with other users from other BBSes.

> Non-Game Doors

Not all doors are games and sometimes BBS mods are doors. Whenever a mod requires a bit of information about the board or a user, it may require access to a BBS dropfile. Non-game doors are usually more feature rich and provide access to services that are not native to a bbses' core functionality.

> Door Games

There were a lot of amazing door games from the 90s that everyone continues to enjoy to the current day. Phenom Productions however strives to push ahead and produce "REFRESHINGLY NEW" games with some of the BEST (ANSI/ASCII)textmode graphics. Textmode graphics are provided by reputable artists from the underground art scene making our releases look polished and of high quality.

Legion RPG v0.8.4a (Windows32,RaspberryPi,Linux 32bit/64bit) - cr1mson <PHENOM> (Language:C++)  
A dark and ancient EVIL demon that rules the unholy UNDERWORLD has captured your KING. You must venture forth young traveler to FIND and FREE him of the hell that he is trapped and tortured in. May you have many victories and GODSPEED to your travel ahead.

Windows 32:
Raspberry Pi:
Linux 32bit/64bit:

Bad Libs v1.5 (Amiga) for C-NET BBS - Anachronist <PHENOM> (Language:AREXX)   |
Do you remember that good ol' game of Mad Libs. It was a phrasal template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute blanks in a story, before reading the - often comical or nonsensical - story aloud. The game is frequently played as a party game or as a pastime.

Bad Libs is Anachronist's twisted version of the same game that runs as a door on C-Net Pro Amiga BBS systems. Install this amazing game and watch as users choose the strangest words to produce the most awkward yet hilarious Bad Libs stories. This enhanced version of the game will allow players to share their stories with other users via BBS system mail. Have a good time and enjoy creating your Bad Libs story!

Halls of the Dwarven King v1.0 (Amiga) for C-NET BBS - Anachronist <PHENOM> (Language:AREXX)   |
Halls of the Dwarven King is a unique blend of dice management and simulation where you try to convince drunken, fighting dwarves to build an underground palace.